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Hack@Davidson is the first student-run, non-profit hackathon at Davidson College organized by Competitive Coding at Davidson (C-CAD). We are excited to host Hack@Davidson in the Davidson area to connect hackers, mentors, and sponsors from all around the globe. In the span of 48 hours, the best and brightest students from the NC area will create, code, and collaborate to build the projects of their dreams. We want you to be a part of this incredible experience!


  • Each team must designate a single member to submit their project on Devpost, who will then add all other team members to the submission.
  • The submission must include a link to a public GitHub repository or a link to your project created within the dates of February 10th-12th, 2023. A live demonstration of the project is required in the judging area.
  • Make sure to describe your project in details in your submission: What is your team's inspiration? What challenges did you encounter? What did you learn? What technologies did you use? What's next for your project?
  • While it is optional, uploading a video demo of the project under 3 minutes is highly recommended. The video should be a short walkthrough of the team's project
  • When submitting, teams must choose the relevant categories and prizes they wish to compete for. For instance, if the project pertains to Finance, the team must select the "Finance" category in order to be eligible for the Finance track prize.

Hackathon Sponsors


$2,200 in prizes

Best Finance Hack (Prize: 3x AirPods Pro 2nd Gen)

Build or pitch a finance project you are passionate about! Priority will be given to an app to help individuals best manage, increase, or protect their finances. We will provide you with real financial data if you choose to implement it into your solution! Only Undergraduates students can compete for this prize. Sponsored by Forest Systems (Prize: AirPods Pro 2nd Gen)

Best Use Of AI/Machine Learning (Prize: 3x AirPods 3rd Gen)

AI is taking over the world! Show us how ChatGPT3 or any another public AI model can do be utilized or use your own models to amaze us! (Prize: AirPods 3rd Gen)

Best No-Code Hack (Prize: 3x Kindle E-Reader)

At a hackathon and not a coder? No sweat! Show us you know how to build a product by designing a hypothetical product or service and show us your product market fit. (Prize: Kindle E-Reader)

Best Tech for Good (Prize: 3x Quadcopter Drone)

Build a project that takes into account cultural, societal, and human factors that will shape its use. Projects could include those that use technology to address social issues, improve accessibility, or promote empathy and understanding among different groups. (Prize: Quadcopter Drone)

Best First Time (Prize: 3x Apple Airtag)

Is this your first time competing in a hackathon? Well, this category is for you! To qualify, Hack@Davidson should be the first hackathon of everyone in your team. (Prize: Apple Airtag)

Most Unique (Prize: 3x Echo Dot/Google Nest Mini)

Build any project that is out of the box, and just different! (Prize: 3x Echo Dot/Google Nest Mini)

Devpost Achievements

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Hack@Davidson Judges

Hack@Davidson Judges

Judging Criteria

  • Completion
    The judges will assess the extent to which the project achieves its intended goals and objectives. They will consider the depth of exploration of the problem and the completeness of the solution provided, taking into account all relevant use cases.
  • Innovation
    The judges will assess how innovative the project is, and whether it offers a novel solution to a real-world problem. The project should be creative, original, and demonstrate a high degree of problem-solving skills.
  • Presentation
    The judges will evaluate how well the project is presented and demonstrated to the audience. This includes the quality of the live demo, the visual design, the clarity of the pitch, and the overall professionalism of the presentation.

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